Sunday, February 21, 2010

its not easy~

salam..jumpe lg..
its not easy..
why ey..
haha..its not easy..
when we r in holiday..
why i say like dat?huh

holiday..every1 suke hliday..sbb pe..
sbb pe lg..far from books..lecturer.. assignment..tension..
haha its normal as a student..
but knpe sy ckp its not easy..
sbb bkn sng gk nk stay at home sprti yg dsangke..
mase..da time is olways worth isnt it..
most of my time is waste haha...
im realize it but??

as a n ordinary person..i have my 'lazy behaviour' too..
but does not mean i lazy at all..
diz morning i ave do the housework..
sidai kaen..sapu smph..sapu air..hmm cume xlipat bj je!

hmm ape aktiv ak lakukan pde ct ini ..hmm??
there are :

~lyn fb..(most n most ;)
~tlong mak msk+bsh pggan.. i like it =p
~tgk tb
~tgk utube+blog org.. ehe =)
~hmm??wats more..

hmmm usya pics kwn2 kt fB..
huh dat my ex smKa fren..
relly miss dem...
i olways miss da memories wit dem..
dis is da pic of dem..

علل لقاء

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